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Snakeskin Violin

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All titles are available through Burnside Distribution

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Snakeskin Violin: Firenze 00122, UPC #75497100122
Calabash Blues: Firenze 00242, UPC #75497100242
Timbuktoubab: Firenze 00482, UPC #75497100482
Timbuktoubab DVD: Firenze 00489, UPC #75497100489
Nightbird: Firenze 786, UPC #754971076822
Where You Wanna Be: Firenze 003, UPC #754971000322
available for DOWNLOAD online at:

Timbuktoubab Film

DVD of the film Timbuktoubab is available through Burnside Distribution, and can be ordered from most music stores like a CD. UPC# 75497100489.
For more info, please email: