Markus James' West African happiness surplus

San Francisco Bay Guardian
In an age of endless crossover between most conceivable forms of music, it’s but small surprise that a Caucasian man from Virginia is making blues with West African witch doctors. What rarely gets discussed in these cross-ocean collaborations is the social aspect of the fusion. What did the artists eat for lunch the day they recorded that track? In what language was the “and-a-one” that started off the first take? (more…)


"’Timbuktoubab’ is that rare film in which a Westerner ventures into another culture and actually illuminates it… Beautifully filmed, richly narrated, and genuinely moving"
—Banning Eyre, Afropop Worldwide, author of “In
Griot Time”

Few cross-cultural musical collaborations have been as pleasing and fruitful as Markus James’s Timbuktoubab project…. their music is a language whose grammar has been developing for centuries along the sandy banks of the Niger River and in the delta of the Mississippi River.
—Marco Werman,
PRI/BBC’s The World

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CINE Golden Eagle Award

"Excellent…4 stars"
—Global Rhythm Magazine